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Pete Dunne on how WWE NXT 2.0 changes affected him, why he wants a run with the NXT Championship



Pete Dunne joined Corey Graves' "After The Bell" podcast this week to talk about the holidays and his run in NXT so far, the biggest adjustments he's made since moving to the United States, and more.

Dunne was asked how has the change in NXT affected him:

“It’s a completely different scene and it continues to change. To me, it’s just business as usual. I’m still me. I’m exactly the same. I want to be as competitive as I can. I want to have the best matches I can. It’s just a different crew of people to work with. I’m still doing me, the same style of match, the same sort of thing but with a new cast of characters. I’m looking forward to different opportunities to work with different guys, and also show them what NXT is about. I think for these guys now, it’s about keeping that same standard that we at NXT are known for.”

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Dunne said he would like a run with the NXT Title:

“I guess the big one is the NXT Title. I feel like I deserve a run with that and I can do great things with that. It’s something that I’ve been right there so many times. That’s something I would love to accomplish in my career.”

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