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Pete Dunne retained the WWE UK Championship at TakeOver: Blackpool

Pete Dunne had a lot on his shoulders going into this main event of NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool. At 601 days, he is the longest reigning champion in modern WWE history and he put his WWE UK title on the line against Joe Coffey on Saturday.

Here is a rundown (written in real-time):

This was hard hitting as you would expect. Late in the match, Coffey tried a move off the top rope but was caught with a forearm from Dunne and the Bitter End. Coffey was able to kick out of the pin attempt. Coffey was able to get in some offense, including a brutal powerbomb on the ring apron just outside of the ring ropes.

At about 22 minutes into the match, Dunne came back with some offense including some stomps to the face but Coffey came back at him and scored a very close near fall as the fans erupted when they realized that Dunne barely kicked out. Coffey charged at Dunne but Dunne caught him in an arm submission. Dunne picked him up and planted him in the top turnbuckle but Dunne still had the arm locked in. Coffey climbed to the top rope and pulled Dunne by the arm and slammed him off the top.

Dunne and Coffey got up and a barroom brawl broke out in the middle of the ring. Dunne hit several shots as Coffey staggered. Coffey was out against the ropes but was able to get up to land a right hand of his own to drop Dunne. Coffey hit a German suplex with Dunne on his shoulders, Dunne was able to kick out of a pin attempt.

Dunne was finally able to hit the Bitter End for the second time but Dunne was not able to get the pin as  Coffey rolled out of the way. Coffey was able to land a lariat but both men were exhausted. Coffey rammed Dunne into the turnbuckle. Coffey then positioned himself and Dunne on the top rope but Coffey fell off and to the ringside floor. Unclear if Dunne shoved him or if Coffey slipped. Dunne hit a forearm but Coffey hit a lariat and then brought Dunne into the ring. Coffey hit a modified slam on Dunne and almost scored a pin.

At 30 minutes into the match, Coffey went up to the top again but Dunne caught up and they both went flying to the ringside floor. This is crazy.  Back in the ring, Dunne connected with a hard right and the Bitter End. Dunne went for the pin but Coffey kicked out. Dunne bent the fingers back and Coffey tapped out. Wow.

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