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Peter Rosenberg explains how he works both in and out of character during WWE shows



On this week's "The Sessions with Renee Paquette," Peter Rosenberg explaining what is role in WWE was supposed to be.

Renee said, ‘Let’s keep in mind that when you and Sam Roberts were brought in, you were kind of brought in to be those guys who have the voice of the people online or that fan perspective. That’s what you guys were supposed to bring to the table, right?”

Peter answered, “The complicated part of that idea was, ‘Hey, we want you to be the fan.’ But remember, as you know better than anyone, the Kickoff shows are still the show. We are not doing a podcast like you and I do about the show. We’re in the show."

He continued, "So, The Miz is going to come out and make fun of me and be a bad guy, but I can’t go, ‘I’ll tell you what, The Miz is doing some of the best heel work of his career right now.’ That’s not what I’m there to do. You sell his sh*t and you say, ‘You were terrible on Dancing with the Stars’, and he would say, ‘What? I was amazing.’ I would say, ‘I don’t think so’, and he would say, ‘You didn’t watch.’"

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Renee said, "And that’s the bit."

Peter continued, “I feel great. I know that he’s happy afterwards because I put over his sh*t and I talked trash about him. I know what to do."

"They will literally online argue with the points I make as if I’m not being a credible journalist. We can stay in that world and still say things that fans online are saying, but I can say it in a way where it’s part of the show. So I can say, ‘Hey, I have to be real with you. Seth Rollins needs to win tonight. It’s been a long time.’ That might be based on the fact that fans are saying, ‘Dude, Seth better get a win here.’ You take those ideas that you know exist and you translate it into making it part of the show.”

Other topics covered this week include looking back at memories backstage between Renee and Rosenberg, and Rosenberg's WWE 24/7 title win.

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