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Petition to have Nancy Grace removed from CNN picks up steam

Nancy Grace has been under alot of scrutiny today over the show she did on the Ultimate Warrior’s death last night. A fan has started a petition after the show implied that Owen Hart’s death was due to drug use.

The petition page reads:

Nancy Grace has for years skewed information and misinformed the public. Most recently with her statements and graphics incorrectly listing pro wrestlers who have died from drugs or steroids. The list she presented had several wrestlers who died in another form or fashion. She has also said many, many hurtful, misinformed things that have offended a large portion of the public and private sector alike. This petition is a call to action for CNN to remove this creighton from the airwaves so she can no longer pollute them with her horrible, one sided, skewed, misinformed “reporting”.

You can see the petition by clicking here. Like I said earlier, she owes an apology and a retraction on the air to the family of Owen Hart. She also owes an apology to the family of Mark Curtis and Joey Marella. Curtis died of cancer and Marella died in a car accident. Chris Candido was also listed and his cause of death was determined to be a blood clot.

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