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PHOTO: 66-year-old Hulk Hogan is still in amazing shape

Hulk Hogan is 66-years-old and still looks in amazing shape.

That is amazing considering that he has serious knee and back problems and it’s harder for him to work out. In fact, he said on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast that it takes him a long time just to get out of bed and get going. Hogan has talked about looking into stem cell treatments that have helped wrestlers like Rey Mysterio and Kevin Nash. Hogan also talked about CBD to help reduce inflammation.

Hogan wrote on Twitter: “Just hangin on Clearwater North Beach, soaking up the Big Mans light and energy with my wine cooler on getting pumped to walk in my gym to crush back and biceps brother HH”

One of Hogan’s best friends, Eric Bischoff, is one of the key people on SmackDown Live and that has led to some fans to speculate that Hogan could be brought back for a match or two.

That speculation can be put to rest because WWE would likely never clear him to take a bump. Still, that doesn’t take away from how great Hogan looks for his age.

Check out his tweet below:


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