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PHOTO: Big Show is looking shredded after hip surgery

The Big Show gave his body and much of his life to the pro wrestling business for over two decades and he certainly started to feel the wear and tear in recent years. All of those injuries certainly do mount up after taking so much damage. Even as a giant in the ring, the Big Show has still felt a lot of punishment. After all, he might not take too many bumps but the ones he does take have even more repercussions because they’re being taken by a 400-pound man.

Although Big Show seems to be in the best shape of his life it appears as though he’ll be moving on from WWE soon enough. He stated before WrestleMania this year he probably won’t be around for WrestleMania 34. This might be one of the reasons why Big Show was reportedly so upset by the way he was eliminated from WrestleMania 33’s Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. He was supposed to have a long moment in the ring standing toe-to-toe with The Monster Among Men Braun Strowman but everyone seemed to jump the gun too early pouncing on them to throw the monsters out.

That moment at Mania 33 very well could have been setting up Big Show’s final program with the company. After all, apart from tangling with Big Cass, Big Show hasn’t really been highlighted except for his epic confrontations with Braun Strowman.

During their cage match, Strowman hurled Big Show out of the cage in a rather impressive display which poetically resembled how Big Show debuted himself and tossed Stone Cold Steve Austin at the cage, breaking the wall and allowing The Rattlesnake to escape for the win. But there was no escaping for Big Show when Strowman got ahold of him, instead it was just a big bump to the floor.

Big Show was reportedly injured even before that encounter which is why he needed hip surgery. But it would appear Big Show is feeling much better and still looking great as he’s at it again posting selfies in the gym.

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