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PHOTO: Charlotte Flair had special gear made for tonight's WWE Evolution PPV



As you could imagine, tonight is a big night for a lot of the wrestlers and they are going to do everything possible to give the fans the best matches because this could determine whether or not WWE does this show again next year. There have also been talks about an all-women's show airing at some point on the WWE Network.

Charlotte Flair had special gear made for tonight's Evolution pay-per-view. She didn't post all of her gear but she gave fans a sneak peek of the boots she will be wearing tonight.

Check them out below:

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We were told that there would be a big announcement on tonight's show. It's a spoiler but you can click here if you want to know more.

As always, we will have live coverage of the pay-per-view here on Be sure to check back here at 7 pm eastern with live ongoing results.