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PHOTO: Fan gets Vince McMahon’s face tattooed on his butt



Professional wrestling fans are some of the most passionate fans around. Maybe sometimes too passionate. It's not uncommon for fans to get tattoos similar to those of their favorite Superstars, or even get their favorite stars' faces tattooed somewhere on their body. However, one fan took things to a completely different level.

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently took to Twitter and shared a photo of a tattoo that a fan showed him and Jerry Lawler over the weekend. The fan had several stars - including Lawler, Ross, Rey Mysterio, and Shawn Michaels - tattooed on his leg. However, one face stood out amongst all others.

That being Vince McMahon's screaming face next to a Raw logo......on the fan's butt. Check out the colorful artwork here:

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"Check this tattoo that a fan showed ⁦@JerryLawler⁩ & me Saturday ⁦@Hilarities⁩ @AmazingDedication"