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PHOTO: Fans noticed something interesting about Rey Mysterio at WWE Crown Jewel



Fans noticed something very interesting about Rey Mysterio's attire at WWE Crown Jewel yesterday. "The Master Of The 619" typically sports a Christian cross on his mask, however, that was missing from his attire yesterday. This is likely due to the strict religious beliefs held within Saudi Arabia.

Fans on Twitter began to point out that Mysterio's cross was missing from his mask during advertisement material. It was also missing from his mask during his matches. Check the photos out here:

Mysterio wrestled two matches at Crown Jewel yesterday. He won his opening round match against Randy Orton, however, "The Viper" viciously attacked Mysterio after the bout. This set up a quarterfinal match against The Miz. Unfortunately for the Mexican star, he wasn't able to overcome "The A-Lister."

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Despite coming up short in the WWE World Cup tournament, Mysterio still put on a spectacular performance for the Saudi Arabian crowd yesterday.