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PHOTO: Glenn "Kane" Jacobs sworn in as Knox County Mayor



Longtime WWE star Glenn "Kane" Jacobs was sworn in as the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee today (Fri. August 31, 2018).

Present for the ceremony was Kane's fellow longtime WWE star Goldust. He Tweeted out the following picture with "The Big Red Machine":

Kane defeated his Democratic counterpart Linda Haney in the Knox County mayoral race by a lopsided score. Jacobs garnered 43,526 votes (66%) to Haney's 22,295 votes (34%). Per Jacobs' campaign website, his seven top goals during his tenure as mayor are as follows:

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  1. Committed to keeping taxes low
  2. Renewed focus on quality of education
  3. Continue to attract new jobs to the area
  4. Improve our roads and infrastructure
  5. Full and absolute transparency
  6. Work to create safer communities
  7. A fresh outlook on limited government

The 51-year-old has noted in the past that he could entertain doing appearances here and there for WWE during his tenure as mayor. However, his mayoral responsibilities will remain his primary concern while he's in office.