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PHOTO: Kevin Owens has slimmed down ahead of WWE return



Kevin Owens has slimmed down while being on the sidelines due to an injury and away from in-ring action inside of the squared circle under the WWE banner.

In late December, the WWE hyped the fact that the former Universal Champion as well as Sami Zayn, who has also been sidelined for months, would be making their returns in the near future. While at a recent autograph signing, a fan snapped this photo of Owens looking slimmer and ready to go for his return. You can check it out here:

Back in October, WWE wrote Owens out of storylines on television once he lost to Bobby Lashley and was attacked in a post-match assault. The reason for this was due to Owens needing to get surgery after suffering knee injuries.

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Once he got the surgery, it was first reported that he could be out for 8 months. Thus, his original projected timeframe was anytime from February to June of 2019. However, it appears that Owens is recovering well enough to get back inside the ring shortly.