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PHOTO: New WWE SmackDown logo shown during FOX advertisement

It looks like WWE will be doing a complete rebranding for SmackDown Live when the show moves to FOX this October.

A user on Twitter saw a new ad for the show and it includes a brand new logo. You can see the logo in the tweet embedded below.

You will notice the “Live” part is no longer there and the exclamation mark has been moved towards the center in between the “Smack” and “Down” area. The logo also looks grittier than the one they are currently using.

It will be interesting to see what else is in store for the show. As previously reported, FOX wants a sports-like product that they can promote on their other sports programming. The show will be promoted during NFL games so it’s important for WWE to present a more serious show.

WWE is also under pressure to get their ratings up and there’s been talk of loading up the first few shows with names from the past.

WWE SmackDown will move to FOX on Friday, October 4.

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