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Photo of Steve Austin at Raw; Terry Funk on CM Punk

Stone Cold Steve Austin posted a photo from backstage at last night's Raw. He's pictured with UFC's Stephan Bonnar. You can view Austin's tweet and photo below.

Terry Funk was asked about CM Punk in a recent interview for Fighting Spirit Magazine. Here's what he had to say:

"It's a smart move on [Punk's] part. If you look at what Vince has done, if someone has drawn him some money they will be on the card at WrestleMania, no matter what has happened between them. CM Punk will be back, because if he isn't, Vince leaves money on the table.

If being in the last match at WrestleMania is his wish, then he's going to try and make it come true, the only way possible. He's put the ball back in Vince's court, and that's difficult because Vince has the only court. This is what made it so good about having several places to go [in years past].

Do you think CM Punk worries about the dollars? For all the great ones, it's not about that. They might tell you that they're in it for the money, but they're not – they're in it for the performance, and so is CM Punk."

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