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PHOTOS: Brian Knobbs lost a lot of weight after making the decision to turn his life around



The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobs and Jerry Sags) are considered one of the top wrestling tag teams from the 1990's. They won titles in WWE, WCW and had a brief stint in TNA a few years ago. However, fans seem to remember them more because of the legendary stories about their crazy parties after the matches. Sags seems to have mellowed in recent years but Knobbs seemingly has not changed his ways...that is, until recently.

Gangrel recently did an interview with The Hannibal TV and talked about Ric Flair's decision to stop drinking and mentioned how Brian Knobbs was able to clean his life up. Gangrel said, "I didn't think Brian Knobbs could but he did. Have you seen Brian lately? He's like super lean [and] he turned his life around because he was in really bad health too. He was real sick in and out of the hospital [and] he's doing well. He looks good. I think anyone can do anything after all those years. It's just how much you want to live or die or not. I mean, if you're done living then go keep drinking."

This is great to hear because Knobbs weight ballooned over the last decade and there were concerns about his health because of his weight issues and drinking. He had a health scare in 2004 when he collapsed at a Willie Nelson concert and had to be rushed to the hospital. During his TNA run in 2010, he was noticeably heavier and seemed to have trouble moving around. Check out the before and after photos of Knobbs.

Brian Knobbs weight loss
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