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PHOTOS: Cody Rhodes shows off the bruising progression of his torn pec

Fans were shocked when Cody Rhodes showed off the bruising that he had due to a torn pec when he took off his jacket for a Hell in a Cell match against Seth Rollins this past Sunday night.

Because the pec was already completely torn and no further damage would be done to the injury by wrestling, Rhodes insisted on going forward with the match. Rhodes and Rollins were praised by those backstage at the event. 

Monday’s Raw saw Rhodes come out to do a promo about the injury before being interrupted by Rollins, who cut a babyface promo about how Cody’s father, Dusty, would be so proud of him for his performance at Hell in a Cell and who he is.

WWE wrote Rhodes off television by having Rollins hit Rhodes with a sledgehammer and attack the torn pec. Rhodes is slated to get surgery on Thursday.

The top WWE star took to his Instagram stories to share several photos of the bruising progression of the injury:

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