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PHOTOS: Fans at WWE Backlash left the arena during the main event


Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe were slotted in the main event at WWE Backlash but it might have been the wrong decision because fans were not into the match.

Several fans that were in attendance at the show said that people were leaving during the main event. One person noted that the boos were much louder in the building than it came across on TV. It was clear as soon as Reigns won that fans were looking to get out of the building as soon as possible. Some wanted to beat the traffic and others were simply not happy with the match.

Here is a GIF of fans getting up to leave just seconds after Reigns pinned Joe:

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WWE may want to think about cutting the length of these shows. The show ended around 11:30 pm eastern. It used to be common for shows to end minutes before 11 pm eastern but nowadays since they don't really need to worry about time limits from pay-per-view providers, it's more common for shows to go over and this show went way over for the fans in attendance.

During the broadcast, you could hear chants for CM Punk and Rusev Day.