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PHOTOS: Hulk Hogan, Triple H and other top names at the HBO Andre The Giant documentary premiere



It looks like all is well between WWE and Hulk Hogan because Hogan and Triple H met up at HBO's premiere screening for the Andre The Giant documentary. Hogan's appearance was set up by HBO and there were several other notable names in attendance including The Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Mark Henry and Stephanie McMahon.

Also, even though WWE said earlier that Hogan was not signed and there was nothing scheduled, WWE did include the photo of Hogan on Twitter. At one point, Hogan was not allowed to be mentioned on their shows or their digital media so it's notable that his photo was posted on Twitter. It's also notable that they showed a classic Hogan clip on Raw.

If Hogan is brought back (and that seems more likely now), then he would probably be an ambassador for the company. He has expressed interest in one more WrestleMania match. I don't if WWE wants that but if they wanted to squeeze him in for WrestleMania, I'm sure the crowd would pop if he was announced as Braun Strowman's partner. FYI, click here to read more on who is actually rumored to be Strowman's partner.

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