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PHOTOS: Jim Ross suffering from concussion, now has two black eyes



As we noted a few days ago, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross took a nasty fall and had the left side of his face scraped up pretty badly, and also had a black eye. He shared the following photograph:

It looks like Ross' condition has worsened, as he now has a black eye on the right side of his face as well. Ross posted some photos after watching his Oklahoma University football team win their college football game. In a follow-up Tweet, he revealed that he has been suffering from a concussion, but will still be traveling to WrestleCade next Saturday:

Ross has also been in the news lately due to his contractual issues with AXS TV. Due to the fact that Ross is currently signed to WWE through March, he won't be able to sign a new deal with AXS TV, as his deal with them is up at the end of the year. As a result, Ross will unfortunately not be able to call Wrestle Kingdom 13.

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