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Logan Paul is back in the gym despite suffering a serious injury days ago when he unsuccessfully challenged Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title at last Saturday’s Crown Jewel premium live event.

Hours after the event, Paul announced that he tore his MCL and meniscus, as well as potentially his ACL, during his match with Reigns. If he does have a fully torn ACL, he will need surgery that will cause him to be sidelined for several months and miss WrestleMania 39, which would be a big hit for WWE as the show is in Los Angeles, California.

Logan posted a video of himself doing rehab work with Sports Rehab LA on his Instagram stories.

Paul hasn’t shared an update as to whether it’s been confirmed he tore his ACL and if he will need surgery, but the fact that he’s doing rehab is a possible indication it's not as serious as originally believed and will let the MCL and meniscus heal on its own.

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We wish Paul a speedy recovery.