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PHOTOS: Triple H has joined The Shield



The WWE European kicked off on Wednesday and fans in attendance were disappointed to learn that Roman Reigns would not be on the tour because he has yet to be cleared from his illness. However, it's customary for WWE to always make things right for the fans whenever one of their top stars is unable to appear.

As you can see below, Triple H teamed up with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose as an honorary member of The Shield at the WWE show in Glasgow. Not only did he team up with them but apparently, he is an honorary member of The Shield for this tour. He went out to the ring in full Shield gear and got the loudest pop of the night.

Check out the photos below and scroll down further for an update on Roman Reigns:

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For those of you that have asked about Roman Reigns, the word is that he will be back on the November 13th episode of Monday Night Raw in Atlanta, GA. If WWE was not overseas, he probably would be cleared in time for this coming Raw but it's better to keep him off the road rather than risk having the rest of the roster get sick while on the tour.

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