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PHOTOS: WWE Mae Young Classic competitor Princesa Sugehit has been unmasked

WWE Mae Young Classic competitor Princesa Sugehit lost a mask vs. mask match on Saturday night at CMLL’s 84th Anniversary Show from Arena Mexico. It was a 2-out-of-3 falls match that saw Sugehit win the first fall with a Sugehit rana. Unfortunately for her, she lost the second and third fall and had to unmask in front of the thousands of fans in attendance and the millions of fans watching at home.

She is apparently worried that fans won’t like her now that she has unmasked but I think she will be just fine and just based on a handful of tweets that I saw, I think most of her fans are still going to support her.

Wrestlers in Mexico are offered a bigger payday to remove their masks so the one silver lining in this story is that she likely got a nice payday. Dr. Wagner, Jr. was reportedly paid the equivalent of US $255,443.79 to lose his mask at last month’s TripleMania show – the largest single show payoff in Lucha Libre history.

FYI…although she was impressive during the Mae Young Classic, Sugehit has not been signed by WWE. Click here if you want to see a list of names from the Mae Young Classic that have already been signed or are likely to be signed to full-time contracts. Sugehit (real name: Ernestina Sugehit Salazar Martinez) is 37 years old and has been wrestling for 21 years. Check out the photos of her unmasking by scrolling down.








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