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Plans have changed and WWE Raw will not be a TV-14 show this coming Monday but those plans are not dead for the future.

Andrew Zarian reports that a memo was sent out within USA Network this morning about the TV rating changing to TV-14 but apparently it was sent out prematurely and the decision was not finalized.

As noted earlier, WWE presented a more mature product in the late 90s in response to WCW beating them in the ratings. The product began to tone down somewhat around 2001 because of pressure from the Parents Television Council but they kept the product raunchy for the most part until after 2007.

Around 2008 is when they began to soften the product in order to attract more sponsors and to open doors for more companies to do business with them. A move to TV-14 would be welcomed by a lot of fans but people in management will need to consider possible blowback from their partners.

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A quick look at the cable TV listings shows that this coming Monday's WWE Raw is listed as a TV-PG show.