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Plans for Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania (Spoiler)

If you watched Raw last night then you saw the segment with Hulk Hogan and John Cena last night. The company has been looking to do something with Hulk at WrestleMania that would also satisfy the fans without putting Hulk in physical danger since they don’t want him putting any strain on his back. The plan I was told was that after the Bray Wyatt vs John Cena match they would have the Wyatts beat up on Cena and then Hogan would come down and fight off the Wyatts with Cena. That would just require Hogan to throw some punches and not take any bumps and would give Hulk a WrestleMania moment. My guess is that Bray would send in Luke Harper and Erick Rowan so they can protect Bray.

One other thing asked this morning from a couple readers was about the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal. I was asked if there was a chance of Hulk Hogan entering the battle royal. I asked about that as well and was told that they don’t have the match planned out so the company doesn’t have anything decided yet on who will win. I kind of doubt that Hogan would be in it since the best thing would be to have one of the younger guys win and the only way Hogan could be involved in that would be for him to win it since there’s no way the company would let him take a bump over the top rope. We’ll see.

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