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Plans for Sting at WrestleMania 31, reason why Randy Orton was not at Survivor Series

The plan for Sting, most likely, is for him to do one WWE match at WrestleMania. Based on the angle they did at Survivor Series, it looks like he’ll wrestle Triple H on the show. Sting has said in interviews that he wanted to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31. His other choice was Triple H if the match with Undertaker was not possible.

The Rock wanted to wrestle Sting about a decade ago. Sting and Randy Savage were the two dream matches that he wanted. If the Sting match goes well there’s always a chance that he can do another match at some point.

WWE probably made the right move by keeping Randy Orton’s return off the Survivor Series show since Sting’s debut would have overshadowed Orton. Although there was talk that Orton would be on the show (and he did fly to St. Louis on the day prior), Orton was actually never scheduled to be on the show. As noted earlier, he is actually scheduled to return in December. Once source said that Orton was never scheduled to return on the show.

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