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Plans for Hulk Hogan; Rumble news

Some WWE news and notes:

Dave Meltzer is reporting that creative plans have been finalized for Hulk Hogan. The question is whether they’d want to bring him back this weekend or hold his appearance off for a few more weeks. It would make sense to hold him off until the day after Elimination Chamber so they can use Hogan to push the WWE Network when it launches.

Wade Barrett was originally listed for the Royal Rumble match but has been taken off. Not sure why but perhaps they have other plans for him on the show.

AJ Lee vs. Naomi for the Divas title may be added to the Royal Rumble this Sunday. This will depend on how things are laid out so this will be a last minute decision. It will probably be decided by Saturday.

As of today, the Randy Orton vs. John Cena is scheduled to go on before the Royal Rumble match so the AJ Lee vs. Naomi match may be used as a buffer match to go on after Cena/Orton.

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