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Police called after Davey Boy Smith, Jr. reportedly threw hot coffee in Jake Roberts’ face at Wrestlecon

There was an incident between Davey Boy Smith, Jr. and Jake Roberts on WrestleCon on Saturday. According to fans that were there, Smith walked up to Roberts and threw hot coffee on his face and then walked off without saying a word. Smith left the area before police could get a chance to talk to him.

Roberts has been critical of Smith’s father Davey Boy Smith, Jr. The heat may have started when Roberts made negative comments on Roddy Piper’s podcast in 2015. Smith told people that he was upset because Roberts refused to apologize for what he said about his father. Smith told WrestleZone that he asked Roberts to step outside so they could settle their issues. Keep in mind that Roberts is 62 years old and has health issues. Smith said that Roberts told him to “F**k off” and that triggered him to throw the coffee in his face. Smith also said that Roberts tried to offer him drugs at WrestleCon in 2012 and that bothered him.

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