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Police investigating Marty Jannetty after apparent murder confession



As expected, local police will be investigating the interesting comments made by Marty Jannetty.

The former WWE star took to his Facebook account on Wednesday where he made a claim that he killed a man when he was 13 years old while at a bowling alley.

The alleged incident happened when he was trying to buy weed from a man who took him out to the back of the building to sexually assault him. He has since deleted the post.

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The alleged incident would have happened during 1973. Columbus, Georgia police told TMZ they will be looking into the claim.

Per the report, the department currently has some active homicide investigations going on and that takes priority, but noted that "the first step will be seeing if we have any missing persons or unidentified remains cases that match the limited information in the post."

It should be noted that Jannetty has been known to make outlandish claims on Facebook in the past.

Jannetty is most known for being part of The Rockers tag team with Shawn Michaels. During his time in WWE, he won the Tag team Titles with Sean Waltman and the Intercontinental Title.