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Police report confirms Enzo Amore learned of rape investigation in January, thus WWE shoud not have fired him

The completed Police Report on the rape allegation case against Enzo Amore was released this week.

David Bixenspan obtained a copy and it was revealed that Amore learned about the police investigation the same way everyone did…via social media. This backs up what Amore said on Steve Austin’s podcast.

If you remember, the word in WWE was that he was released because he did not let the company know that he was under investigation. Amore has been adamant that he did not know anything until January when his accuser went public on social media. The report backs up his claim and it will be interesting if WWE reacts to this since he can argue that he should not have been fired for the reasons stated above.

The report states:

During the course of this investigation and without approval or knowledge of the Phoenix Police Department, the victim posted a statement about the incident on several social media outlets. She also gave an interview to a news program and news outlets. The victim’s posts stated that not only was [redacted] involved but implicated Mr. [redacted] in the incident as well. The victim stated she was drugged and left for sexual assault. The social media posts differed from her original statement.

After the victim public disclosed the active investigation, the suspect [redacted], now had knowledge of the investigation and all contact was directly to his attorneys.

The following statement from the report seems to indicate that the investigation was paused after administering the rape kit because they had trouble getting in touch with the accuser. This also explains why Amore was never contacted by police.

The statement reads:

On 102417 I attempted to contact the victim but I was unable to reach her on her primary phone number. Upon calling her secondary telephone number, I spoke to the victim’s father, [redacted]. He informed me that the victim was currently in an in-patient lock down rehab facility and was currently unable to be contacted.

Mr. [redacted] gave me the name [redacted] as an administrator for the facility and a telephone number of [redacted]. He stated that I would have to contact [redacted] to facilitate any contact with the victim. The facility in question is the [redacted] facility.

This investigation is ongoing and pending contact with the victim. The victim’s sex crimes evidence kit has been impounded and forwarded to the crime lab for processing.

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