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Popular indie wrestler enlists in Breezango’s help for fashion advice

If you’ve never seen Space Monkey perform it really is a pleasure. Space Monkey is an athlete and can pull off feats of incredible agility and he’s also a monkey so that helps. This gimmick also provides him the chance to enjoy a lot of bananas.

His gimmick’s story is in short, he was a monkey in the Canadian jungle and an outcast with his monkey friends. A young NASA scientists found the scared little monkey and soon NASA was adopting the young primate. He was prepared for space and was trained to wrestle by NASA at the International Space Station. This is why he wears a space suit to the ring complete with a domed helmet.

Space Monkey’s attire has become just as memorable as his long tail which he uses as a weapon during his confrontations in the ring. This apparently attracted the attention of some fashion enthusiasts who would like for him to become a featured presentation.

Space Monkey immediately put Breezango on the case and asked for their help. Only time will tell if Tyler Breeze and Fandango will accept the challenge to help out a monkey, but it’s worth a shot. Perhaps #Breezankey will be trending in no time if Breeze and Fandango aren’t still exhausted from their relentless search of 2B.

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