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Positive COVID-19 cases in WWE are much higher than originally reported



On today's Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez read the statement that was sent out by WWE in response to a report about local officials looking to investigate venues in the Orlando area that could be COVID-19 hotspots. The WWE Performance Center and the Amway Center (WWE ThunderDome) were among the places listed as potential hotspots.

WWE's statement: "WWE is not open to the public, but rather operating on a closed set with only essential personnel in attendance. As part of on-going weekly testing protocols, Aventus Labs have administered more than 10,000 PCR tests to WWE performers, employees, production staff and crew resulting in only 1.5 percent positive cases as compared to the current national average of more than 5%. Additionally, extensive contact tracing takes place and impacted individuals are placed in 14-day quarantine and then only cleared after they test negative."

Alvarez said the following after reading WWE's statement: "There are no official numbers because WWE never released official numbers but we'd heard around 38 for the big [outbreak] and then there was another [outbreak] and we didn't hear any numbers for the other one but I heard double digits for that one and granted it was low double digits but that was the number that I heard. Then a lot of people disappeared and to be fair, some of the people that disappeared that was contract tracing disappearances. They actually didn't have it but they had been around people who did have it. But the fact of the matter is WWE in their own statement is essentially saying 150 positive tests. That is insane and by the way, I know for sure that there have been individuals that tested positive and people that they lived with or their families, they ended up getting coronavirus and that would not even be counted in WWE's testing. That is a crazy number of people that have contracted coronavirus directly as a result from WWE."

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While some people in the company have gotten the message, the fact is that there are still people in WWE who are COVID deniers and are not treating the virus as seriously as others.

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