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Possible future plans for Bobby Roode in WWE

Aiden English was in the middle of his usual singing promo when something Glorious happened. Bobby Roode made his WWE main roster debut and the people in the Barclays Center were certainly happy to see him. It seemed as though they were equally elated to sing his amazing entrance music as well.

It was theorized on Wrestling Observer Radio how Bobby Roode might be moved into John Cena’s empty babyface slot on SmackDown Live. It was thought he could have been put into Baron Corbin’s heel position, but it appears as though Bobby is now a babyface. There is always the chance to turn Bobby Roode into a Glorious heel once again in due time, but Dave Meltzer noted one big thing standing in Roode’s way that could keep him from drawing the heat he needs.

“The problem with him is well it’s not a problem — if they want him as a heel he’s gotta ditch the music because that’s total babyface music for life. So when it comes time for him to be a heel I think what he should do is just say ‘I hate this music, it sucks.’ And people would be so pissed at him that they couldn’t sing that music and I think at that point he’ll be a really good heal. But not with that music.”

Whether Bobby Roode is booked as a heel or babyface, it won’t stop his diehard fans from cheering for him. But the fact even his entrance music is over would make it hard for him to be a hated heel if WWE ever decided to put him in that position.

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Credit for the quotes in this article goes to Wrestling Observer Radio with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription


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