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Possible future plans for Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable

Whether or not you remember Shelton Benjamin from his first WWE run the fact he’s on SmackDown Live should excite anybody. It’s been seven long years since we last saw Benjamin in a WWE ring but our wait will soon be over. He’ll also be part of an exciting new tag team with Chad Gable. But that might only be part of the story.

Ever since Jason Jordan jumped over to Raw in order to be with his Papa Kurt Angle, Chad Gable has been doing his own thing. By the way, the entire Kurt Angle/Jason Jordan baby-daddy story is discussed in depth in my new book: Planning The Biggest Party Of The Summer 2017.

Chad Gable been losing since American Alpha’s split, but he has constantly impressed while doing so. With Shelton Benjamin back and partnered up with Gable the two could start racking up the wins in no time.

However, nothing gold can stay and that applies to pro wrestling above everything else at times. Dave Meltzer noted in the recent issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Shelton Benjamin appeared as though he will likely turn on Chad Gable soon enough. It might sound like it could be too early for this, but some seeds might have already been planted for their split.

Shelton walked up to Chad, said he’s heard all about him and put his hand on Gable’s shoulder while being put over by the former American Alpha member. Benjamin seemed kind of cocky as Gable slathered on the fanboy praise. But they still looked good as a team.

These two might produce some incredible matches if they were paired together but as a team, they could be magic as well. Either way, it’ll be a win/win.

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