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Possible huge plans for The New Day on the way?



Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods love to gloat. They're quite good at taunting while shaking their booties, pouring sugary cereal into people's mouths, and playing the trombone. It's very entertaining and might just see them as a shoo-in WWE Hall Of Fame team in time.

Nothing makes them happier than being able to announce how they are the longest-running WWE Tag Team Champions in history. But their affinity to reciting record breaking numbers might only grow as time goes on because WWE could have another record in line for them to break.

Currently Edge and Christian and The Hardy Boyz own the record for most WWE Tag Team Championship reigns at seven apiece but Dave Meltzer noted in the most recent issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that their record might be in danger.

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Apparently, the reason why New Day lost the SmackDown Tag Team Titles in such rapid fashion was because WWE is looking to have them break the record of most championship reigns. Right now they are sitting at three so given the right booking situation they could be chasing that record very soon.

This could not only give a very good reason why WWE seems to be changing the SmackDown Tag Team Championships so often but also show that The New Day are far from finished. WWE reportedly wants New Day to be able to call themselves the greatest tag team in WWE history and if they're able to break seven title reigns it might be very easy to make that claim.

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