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Possible reason why AJ Styles retained the WWE Championship at Money In The Bank



AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura battled at Money In The Bank in a match that will probably go down as their best confrontation in WWE so far. There were a couple moments when it seemed AJ Styles wasn't going to get up by the referee's count of ten, but he managed to get up every time and fight on to eventually win their last man standing match.

Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live that he was told by someone in WWE that the reason why AJ Styles retained the WWE Championship over Shinsuke Nakamura was due to the fact that they were set to announce him as the cover Superstar for WWE 2k19 the next day.

This reasoning makes sense if you think about it, but it still doesn't help Shinsuke Nakamura one bit because he is still 0-6 in championship matches. After all, Nakamura failed to defeat Jinder Mahal while he was WWE Champion and now it looks like he can't close the deal with AJ Styles either. While it was noted by Alvarez that Nakamura could always go for Jeff Hardy's United States title next, it seems like a consolation prize in a manner of speaking.

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But for whatever reason, whether it is actually because of a video game or not AJ Styles is still WWE Champion as he remains the Face That Built SmackDown Live.