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Possible reason why Asuka faced Emma

Asuka’s debut concerned a few people seeing how she faced off against Emma in a battle that wasn’t as easily won as most would have expected. The truth is most people saw a squash match when thinking about Asuka vs Emma on the main roster however what happened instead was two pretty competitive matchups.

Bryan Alvarez opened up about this on Wrestling Observer Live where he compared Asuka’s main roster debut to that of another popular Japanese Superstar’s in Shinsuke Nakamura.

“If you notice who did they put Asuka in the ring with and who did they put Nakamura in the ring with in their debut? Asuka was in there with Emma and if I recall correctly Nakamura was in there with Ziggler, right?”

“The point of this is in both cases if you look at their opponent in a vacuum… I mean if you imagine in a perfect world Nakamura and Ziggler should be a great match and Emma and Askua should be a great match.”

“Now in both cases they weren’t great matches and in both cases, the person who was put in there was somebody that the fans saw as a geek.”

“If would be great in a vacuum if Asuka and Emma had a blow-away match in her debut but it’s Emma. Emma couldn’t even get on TV. Looks at Ziggler before he had that match with Nakamura — nobody cared one bit about Ziggler. He was a geek. So when you debut them with those guys you can’t just look at it as ‘will it be a great match?’ You have to look at it like what do the fans think about the opponent and what are they gonna think about the debuting wrestler if they go toe-to-toe with this person the way they’re portrayed on TV. In both cases, it was a big mistake.”

It would be nice to see Asuka wind up in a nice main roster run, but nothing is a sure thing in pro wrestling. But at least she’s winning so far.

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Thanks to Wrestling Observer Live  for the quotes and Still Real To Us for the transcription

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