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POSSIBLE SPOILER on top UFC fighter at WrestleMania 31, Kevin Owens interview, main event note

– WWE did some tests with the stage and lighting last night and this morning and Ronda Rousey’s name was featured in one of the run throughs. I don’t know if she will have a role on the show but it’s interesting that her name was used. I could see them, if they got UFC’s permission, using her as a referee in the Divas match but that’s just me talking. Rousey is in San Jose and is going to be at the show tonight. Marina Shafir, Jessamyn Duke, and Shayna Baszler are going to be at the show too.

– There will be no spoilers getting out before the show on the main event because nobody in the company knows what is planned for the match other than Vince McMahon and the people involved in the match.

– Here is an interview with Kevin Owens talking about WrestleMania 31:

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