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POSSIBLE SPOILER: Top WWE star could be turning heel soon

If you were watching Bobby Roode during his championship run in NXT then you are probably less than thrilled with his run on the main roster. Things started out ok for him on Smackdown Live but much more has been done in recent weeks on Raw to water him down.

It looks like there is a reason why Roode was made to look like a cowardly heel this week during his match with Braun Strowman.

There has been talk in recent weeks about Roode’s character and the feeling on him is that the “Glorious” gimmick is better suited as a heel. I don’t know when the turn will happen but it looks like this week’s Raw was the first sign that changes are coming for him.

There are people backstage that loved the NXT version of the “Glorious” character so there is hope for him. Roode is liked backstage and it’s widely assumed that he will end up in a coach or producer role backstage when his in-ring days wind down. In some ways, he is a throwback to the previous generation and he carries himself as a leader around the wrestlers and management.

Following the Roode vs. Strowman match on Raw, a match that was supposed to further put over Strowman as an indestructible monster, Vince McMahon was heard backstage saying, “that’s exactly what I wanted.”


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