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POSSIBLE SPOILER: WWE may have hinted at Brock Lesnar's opponent for SummerSlam



For those of you that were watching Raw this week, you may have noticed that the announcers kept on talking about how Roman Reigns was screwed out of the WWE Universal Championship at the Greatest Royal Rumble. There's a reason why.

Vince McMahon was telling the announcers that they had to make sure fans remembered that Lesnar screwed Reigns. For weeks, there has been some speculation that Braun Strowman was going to be the next contender. It still could be Strowman if they want to change plans or if they want to make the match a Triple Threat Match. At this point, people backstage in WWE are under the assumption that McMahon still believes that Reigns is "the guy" and he is going to challenge for the title in Brooklyn. If that is the case and if Lesnar is serious about going back to UFC then that is almost a guarantee that he will be dropping the title. If Reigns does not enter the USADA testing pool by the end of this month then it could be a sign that he has signed a new long-term deal with WWE. At this point, he is under a short-term deal but the new TV deals with Fox and NBCUniversal make it easier for WWE to pay more money to keep someone like Lesnar.

At this point, Lesnar is not scheduled for the Money In The Bank or Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Reigns' current feud with Jinder Mahal is supposed to help him get cheered. I guess we'll find out at Money In The Bank if their plan is working.

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