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Possible SummerSlam title match revealed, Tyson Kidd’s new WWE role

The road to SummerSlam is just as entertaining as WrestleMania at this point and WWE likes it that way. They want to give the feel of a big show to their “big four” pay-per-views and it looks like Raw is planning a great Women’s Title match for the Biggest Party Of The Summer. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirms that WWE might be looking for a David and Goliath kind of story for the Raw Women’s Title except for this time Goliath will be the babyface.

Nia Jax has been chasing after Alexa Bliss’ Raw Women’s Title since Little Miss Bliss took the title from Bayley. According to reports, Nia Jax is probably going to get her shot at SummerSlam. This plan means Sasha Banks most likely won’t be successful in winning the title at Great Balls Of Fire. With Nia getting this shot at SummerSlam who knows how long Bayley will have to wait to get another run at the top.

It was recently reported Tyson Kidd has taken on a new role backstage in WWE. But it turns out this non-wrestling role won’t have a televised aspect after all. Of course, all that could change because we’ve seen plenty of backstage personnel get involved in an on-screen role before like the Stooges, J&J Security, The Authority, etc so never say never. But for now, Tyson Kidd will just be taking on the role of producer.

He will certainly be a valued asset to the backstage culture in WWE with his awesome personality and great mind for the business. Our apologies to anyone who is bummed Tyson Kidd won’t be on television. But on the bright side, if you want to see Tyson Kidd again he’ll be on the upcoming season of Total Divas. So you can always get your TJ fix that way if you want.



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