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Post-SummerSlam episode of WWE Raw (8/12/19) gets a nice bump in the ratings

The post-SummerSlam episode of Monday Night Raw got a huge bump in the ratings with an average of 2.73 million viewers tuning in this week.

The show started out strong with 2.77 million viewers but the typical ratings decline in the third hour was back as usual, even though the show was headlined by Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles.

Credit should be given to Paul Heyman for the viewership increases because the shows have been better since he took over as Executive Director. They can also attribute some of last night’s viewership to the curiosity from fans wondering what WWE has planned after SummerSlam. Although ratings are up from recent weeks, it’s still not close to the 3.09 million viewers they drew last year for the Raw after SummerSlam.

Straight Up Steve Austin benefited from the lead-in from Raw with 1.21 million viewers. That is a great number for the 11 pm timeslot on the USA Network.

Here is the hourly breakdown for Raw:

8 pm – 2.77 million viewers
9 pm – 2.82 million viewers
10 pm – 2.60 million viewers

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