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Potential spoiler for tonight’s Jinder Mahal vs AJ Styles WWE Championship match on SmackDown Live

For the past few weeks, Jinder Mahal has summoned another adversary for his WWE Championship, after successfully defending over the past few months against Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura. While Mahal was trying to convince the audience that he is bigger and better than Brock Lesnar, Styles stepped in and vowed to capture the WWE title again.

Over the past few weeks, Mahal’s cronies, Sunil and Samir Singh, have been a shield for Mahal, as Styles has competed on SmackDown Live against both men. They have also played a distraction for Mahal to attack Styles.

Although Styles winning the WWE Championship on SmackDown Live would be another addition to the audibles that have occurred over the past few weeks, it may not be happening after all.

According to The Times of India, the scheduled match of Mahal defending his WWE Championship against Kevin Owens on December 9th in New Delhi is still being advertised to happen. This would suggest that Mahal would successfully retain the title against AJ Styles.

Of course, Styles could win the match and the New Delhi WWE Championship match could be Styles vs Owens, but it does not appear that the title will change hands leading into Survivor Series.

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