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Private photo of Undertaker says he's retired



The Dead Man might have wrestled his last match at WrestleMania 33 but that doesn't mean he doesn't have anything to do after that.

Taker's wife Michelle McCool recently posted a picture to her Instagram featuring both of them while they were taking a turn as lunchroom and school store monitor. Let's just see if any kids try to start any kind of lunchroom shenanigans with The Phenom on duty.

As a caption, McCool said: "Lunch room/school store monitor for day = spying on our kid/s (my kids' friends, by default, get spied on as well), hugs by some of my favorites & endless amounts of embarrassing moments to be had at our chosen ones expense! ?#retiredlife #blessed #parenting101 #embarassyourkids #keepsthemguessing #orsaying #reallyinfrontofmyfriendsmom"

It's pretty funny how Taker and McCool seem to enjoy embarrassing their children. But it's even more interesting how she picked #RetiredLife to start out her list of hashtags. If you needed some clarity on whether or not The Undertaker is coming back, then his wife might have something to say about it.

It seems if you ask Michelle McCool she would tell you The Undertaker is a retired man living a retired life.

WWE news on which brand Paige will be on when she returns

Paige, who noted this week that she's been back and training at the WWE Performance Center, is believed to be cleared to wrestle and is just training to get back in shape for her return to TV. As first reported by the Wrestling Observer newsletter, there is a storyline already in place for her and her return is tentative for Smackdown Live.

We were told that she could be back as soon as the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view or the Smackdown after the PPV. The two-time women's champion has been out of action since last August, mostly due to neck issues. It's clear that her return is imminent because has posted an article on her and saying that she has put Raw and Smackdown Live on notice.

It's good to see her doing well and we are happy to see that all of the negativity from the past year or so seems to be behind her.

As you can see below, she looks ready to get back into the ring:

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WWE News: Backstage talk on Ronda Rousey's first singles's not Stephanie McMahon

There are multiple ideas being discussed for the upcoming Horsewomen of MMA vs. Horsewomen of WWE storyline.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that one of the things being talked about is how to make sense of the fact that Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch are on Smackdown Live and Bayley and Sasha Banks are on Monday Night Raw.

A 4 vs. 4 match can take place at Survivor Series since it's a co-branded show but it will be interesting to see how they do the build-up for that match. Although the feeling was that Ronda Rousey's first match would have been with Stephanie McMahon, the talk now is that they will do Rousey vs. Flair.

A couple of years ago, Ric Flair was interviewed here on and pushed the idea of doing Charlotte vs. Rousey at WrestleMania. It certainly looks like we are closer to seeing that match.

Vince McMahon blade job may have been kept a secret from everyone in WWE, including Kevin Owens

There's another version of the story on what went down during Kevin Owens-Vince McMahon segment from last week's episode of Smackdown Live.

As noted in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the internal story within WWE is that there was no blade involved and blood was not planned. It's the same story that was told by people in WWE when Brock Lesnar would bleed in matches. Unless Vince McMahon decides to talk, we may never truly know what happened but the people involved with setting up the angle said that before the angle, there was no talk of blood or how to shoot it if there was blood and nobody was talking about blood beforehand.

So, did McMahon just cut himself open and cover it up with vaseline or nu-skin and not tell anyone? That's possible but we will never know for sure. Given that it would come off hypocritical to look for intentional blood (WWE has a no-blading policy), then it's certainly possible that McMahon just decided not to tell anyone. If you watch the close-ups of McMahon's head during that segment, there was a line going down his forehead and that is where he was bleeding after the headbutt.

As far as the close-ups, the cameramen were told to shoot up close to get McMahon's face as he sold the beating from Owens and they were not aware that there would be blood. Again, there are people in WWE that were skeptical of McMahon's story and the feeling is that if he bladed then he would not tell anyone and there was more blood than one would usually get from a headbutt. Katsuyori Shibata is much younger than McMahon (he is just 37 years old) and collapsed backstage and nearly died after delivering a stiff headbutt to Kazuchika Okada back in April.

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