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PSTD therapy references are being used in Bray Wyatt Firefly Funhouse segments



In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there's an interesting note on the Bray Wyatt Firefly Fun vignettes that have been airing over the last few weeks.

A PTSD therapist reached out to Dave Meltzer and noted that a lot of the references being used stem from PTSD therapy and "special place" is a standard coping skill used for trauma.

The therapist also noted that the artwork of the house fire is related to trauma therapy. Wyatt mentioned the house fire in a tweet to Randy Orton and said he forgave him even though Orton never apologized.

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The therapist also noted that Wyatt putting his hand over his heart is a reference to butterfly hugs, which are used for PTSD therapy involving bilateral stimulation.

The PTSD therapist looks at the vignettes as Wyatt being reformed but haunted by his traumatic past.

Whether or not you like the segments, it's hard to argue that they are well thought out and there are little clues being dropped every week on the direction of the Wyatt character. For example, buzzards only eat things that are already dead so that would indicate that someone else probably killed Rambling Rabbit.

Wyatt has been giving clues on social media about something he said in promos from 2015. He's been teasing that he would be giving some answers to those clues on Monday night.