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CM Punk on his time in WWE: “I don’t even know. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s fake”

CM Punk took the stage at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo on Sunday. That is where the news broke that he would be writing for Marvel’s “Drax” series. Punk is also training for his first UFC fight so he has a full plate. Punk joked, “So now I’m fighting, writing comic books, doing all kinds of stuff. I think now I’m going to do an off Broadway show next.”

Punk will be focusing on Drax’s time outside of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” team. “I think we’ll be drawing from the cinematic Drax because that’s what’s mainstream right now,” Punk told the crowd. “The Drax that I know is like, the Infinity Gauntlet Drax. He’s big and green and he’s dumb. The new Drax is completely different.”

Punk was asked about a return to WWE and said, “I just couldn’t do it any more. I didn’t make any sense to me,” said CM Punk. “I would put my boots on and shuffle my feet and walk out there and be like, ‘I don’t even know. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s fake.'” He also said that his time in WWE was like high school and he doesn’t want to go back to it.

He was asked about winning the Light Heavyweight Championship. Punk said he is not focused on championships and he is just focused on having fun and winning fights. Punk said that he can juggle writing while training but anything else that comes along will have to be pushed to the side while he’s training for MMA so right now he is not auditioning for anything.

He shot down any rumors about AJ Lee being pregnant, “Nope, no truth to that.”

Punk talked about a bunch of things in the 2+ hour Q&A and there wasn’t a lot of talk about WWE so for anyone that wants to rip on Punk for his comments on WWE then just realize that he only talks about it when he’s asked about it.

Check out the Q&A below (skip to the 14:40 mark for the start of the Q&A):

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