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Question mark over the WrestleMania main event

Bryan Alvarez is reporting that the internal WrestleMania lineup lists the WWE World Heavyweight title match as "Batista vs. ?". This could allow Daniel Bryan to get into the main event possibly by beating Triple H or by having Hulk Hogan add him to the main event.

The company is going to do everything to keep the fans happy with the departure of CM Punk so I don't see them screwing over Bryan in the storylines for much longer. Also, they want fans to stay on board with the WWE Network so it would not make sense for them to turn fans off to the product.

There is no Money in the Bank at WrestleMania scheduled so the likely scenarios I can see is that they have Bryan defeat Triple H on Raw and he gets his title shot from that win or Bryan beats Triple H at WrestleMania and then Hogan declares Bryan the number one contender to challenge later that night. If they go that route then they really need to advertise ahead of time that Bryan must beat Triple H to get a title shot later in the night. They will cost themselves some buys if they just announce the surprise addition during WrestleMania.

I'm told that WrestleMania will be available on demand almost immediately after the live broadcast.

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