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R-Truth and Corey Graves talk about the rise of Big E and Roman Reigns in WWE

WWE star R-Truth was on Corey Graves’ “After The Bell” podcast to talk about his hip-hop album, Big E’s transformation into WWE Champion, his favorite “Scrabble” words, and more.

R-Truth talking about Big E

“I like the fact that Big E is still being Big E. He can flip that switch whenever he needs to. He’s still being funny, he’s still being entertaining, he’s still being Big E, the New Day Big E, but he knows he has a bigger prize at stake right now. You can tell when he flips that switch, adjusts, and executes as well as he’s been doing. He’s one of the strongest ones in the locker room.”

Thoughts on Roman Reigns:

“I don’t even think he’s reached the pinnacle of his career yet. He’s hotter than hot sauce. He’s matured so much. Forget about sitting in the saddle. He will wear the saddle. He will ride the horse bareback. He will have the horse ride him. He’s bridged gaps. He has that ‘It’ factor. I’ve seen him come up with promos in his head when we were driving, and he’s constantly thinking about it. He’s constantly trying to perfect his craft. Even when I would go to Florida and I would go to his house, he’s in the gym. He’s thinking of a promo. He’s thinking of what he’s going to do. I know for a fact that 24/7, he’s trying to perfect his craft and take it higher than he can go.”

Corey Graves added:

“I had a conversation with Roman in Tampa way back in FCW, pre-NXT days, sitting in the pool. I remember all of us were struggling, trying to figure out how to get out of Tampa and make it to RAW or SmackDown. Are we ever going to see the light of day? I remember even back then, standing in the pool that day, Roman and I were talking about business, goals, where we want to be, and what we aspire to. Even back then, Roman was talking about his future in the same breath as a Stone Cold, as a Rock, these top tier superstars, whereas most of us didn’t have that line of sight. We are looking five feet in front of our face, not five miles down the road.  Roman has always had that vision about what could be. I truly believe that’s part of the reason he’s in the position he’s in right now. Roman doesn’t have an off switch. He’s constantly on to the next thing. I think we’re lucky to have him as a representative of this company and this brand right now.”

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