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R-Truth discusses the whereabouts of Little Jimmy, which WWE stars are rap aficionados, Brock Lesnar, and more

NorfolkNavyFlagship recently interviewed R-Truth and discussed everything from Little Jimmy to Brock Lesnar. Here are some highlights:


What has Little Jimmy been up to

“He’s been going to some sort of private school,” said Killings. “From what I’ve been hearing from his mom, he’s been staying out of trouble and keeping his nose clean.”

Vince’s support 

“Any song I have an idea for, I rap it to Vince (McMahon), and if Vince likes it, he’ll say, ‘Yeah, put it on TV.’ I told him that I produced this song in my house, in my room. It speaks volumes about me, my character, it’s really me and I wanted to use it as ring music. When I had teamed with Road Dogg (as K-Kwik), I produced ‘Get Rowdy.’ It’s a blessing that I’ve been able to create my own ring music and set the vibe and electricity that I want to deliver.”

Which WWE stars also enjoy rap music

“You’d be surprised by the guys (I run ideas by),” he said. “Jack Swagger is a huge fan of hip-hop – Roman Reigns, The Usos … and believe it or not, Chris Jericho. Kofi Kingston, I go to him. I’m working on an album now and working on new entrance music. A new, updated ‘What’s Up.’”

Brock Lesnar versus John Cena

“Brock has opened everybody’s eyes in the locker room,” he said. “He truly wears that title of ‘The Beast.’ Nobody has torn John Cena limb from limb like he did. That was proof in the pudding. [Lesnar] has a damn good chance at continuing to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. But, I know Cena. That light will not burn out. It’s like having a mountain of faith. It’s going to come down to whomever is the hungriest. Cena has something to prove and has to come back from one of the worst butt-whoopings of all time. “

You can read the full interview here


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