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R-Truth talks about being on submarines and war ships on overseas trips with Vince McMahon

WWE star R-Truth was recently on the Battleground podcast to talk about his wrestling career, his time as the NWA Champion and what it meant to be the first African-American to hold that title.

Here are some highlights:

R-Truth credits Road Dogg with helping him get to the main roster:

“I cherished The Road Dog when I was in Memphis, TN wrestling Jerry Lawler.  The first time he saw me rapping going to the ring, he said, ‘Would you want to be my tag team partner?’  I’m like, ‘Hell yea, I’ll be your tag team partner.’  I was in developmental and wrestling was new to me.  I got discouraged and I got depressed.  I had a child at home.  I was driving 10 hours from Memphis every week to go back home and see my kid.  I wanted to give up, but I was still holding on.  Road Dogg was on vacation with his wife.  They left the casino and came to one of the TV tapings, saw me rapping, fell in love with me, and I told him, ‘Man, I don’t think I’m cut out for this.’  He said, ‘Don’t fool yourself.  Don’t sell yourself short.’  He saw something in me right then and there.  He said, ‘If you don’t give up, I’ll have you out of here and tagging with me in less than a month.’

Truth talking about his respect for Vince McMahon:

“He taught me confidence and assurance.  I’ve done so many trips with Vince overseas, Iraq, Afghanistan, wherever the military was at.  Being around Vince, if you don’t learn, shame on you.  We’ve had so many times that we laughed until we almost cried.  Vince is one of the most down to earth people.  Being on those tours with him, whether it was the Air Force, Marines, Army, we met them all and shaked hands.  We bonded during those times.  There were times we were overseas and mortars were shot at us and we had to bunker down.  I’ve been on submarines with Vince.  I’ve been on war ships with Vince.  He told me he likes the fact that I’m just me and I come straight forward.  Vince is giving, and I have the highest amount of respect for Vince.  Vince is also a friend.  He wants to be there for you.  He wants you to come and ask him things.  If you have an idea, come to him.  He makes himself very accessible to you.  He intimidates a lot of people.  He attracts me.  Just like my aura.  I may intimidate a lot of people if you see me coming down a dark alley at night.  I’m walking a certain way and I may intimidate you, but once you get to know me, you’re like, ‘Oh my God.  This guy gave me the shirt off his back.’  That’s Vince McMahon.  I sat under that learning tree for a long time and I soaked it in.  I didn’t let any of it go to waste.”

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