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Randy Orton and several WWE stars inquired about AEW several months ago



As noted earlier, Randy Orton's social media teases on Instagram and Twitter seem to indicate that he is opening to leaving WWE and joining All Elite Wrestling.

My guess is that AEW would be happy to have him since Orton is one of WWE's biggest names and Orton is friends with several people in AEW, including Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho. The Orton and Rhodes friendship dates back to their days as Legacy with Ted DiBiase, Jr.

Dave Meltzer noted this week that Orton is believed to be making in the $3 million per year range and he doesn't work a full-time house show schedule. He's 39 years old and may be able to get a lighter schedule from WWE for his next contract.

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Orton could be hoping to get bigger money offer from WWE but he apparently has shown a legitimate interest in signing with AEW. As noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Orton inquired about AEW from the time of its launch and a large number of WWE stars did so as well.

Orton is someone who is probably set for life financially so if he ends up signing with AEW then it might be less about the money and more about showing fans that he can still go at a high level as a top star. Orton was supposed to be one of the cornerstones of the company over a decade ago but his pushes got derailed due to issues that happened out of the ring and he's never quite recovered.

Earlier this month during a video game stream, Orton praised AEW and said he liked the Cody Rhodes vs. Sammy Guevara match that kicked off the Dynamite debut show on TNT. Orton also said that he'd love to work with Guevara.

Meltzer also noted that AEW is interested in The Revival and Luke Harper is expected to make the jump when his WWE contract expires in early 2020.

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