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Randy Orton comments on the main differences between old school and new school wrestling

Randy Orton did an interview with Vicente Beltrán of ViBe & Wrestling where he discussed a wide range of topics including the main differences between old school and new school wrestling. The following was sent to us:

“It’s an interesting question. I think there are obvious differences in the way I was taught by the guys from the old school that is taught today, although psychology has not changed. I think the basic ideas when it comes to telling a story haven’t changed since my father’s or my grandfather’s time: the good guy and the bad guy and you play with the emotions of the audience. The good guy comes on the scene, the conquering hero, with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship around his waist … and in that sense Drew is old school too, he’s been doing this as long as I have so on Sunday at SummerSlam I’m going to try to tell a story, but don’t tell 4-minute story, a 10-minute story… it’s going to be a novel.

I’m going to be out there for 25, 30, 35 minutes or maybe more and I think that’s when magic can happen; when you get comfortable and you can build and build and build to a point in the match where you put people on the edge of their seat and that is the goal that we all pursue and it does not happen every match but, you know as I know, that if everything It is happening as planned, whether there are fans or not, wheter is the pandemic or not, Performance Center or Amway Center or in someone’s backyard, if you can play with people’s emotions and make them sit on the edge of their seats is because you’re telling a good story.

I think nothing has changed in that regard between old school and new school. I think the new school is more about the mentality of independent wrestling. We have a lot of people coming from independent companies and are called by NXT and WWE, many who can tell good stories; they are perhaps counted in a faster way, it is a little more … I think the most careful way to call is “dangerous”. I think that if people realized what these guys risk many times and the times they put their neck on the line just for one night a year to try to attract attention or to grab the torch … I think they would understand a little better. It’s definitely an exciting style but I think the new school, the fast they move, the bumps they take, the false finishes, the non stop action … I think in the long run it hurts the story you’re trying to tell. tell.

But in general the psychology has not changed. These athletes of today are more and more athletic. They have great physical ability and capacity to do things better than past generations; they do things that have never been seen before, especially in the past and are reaching heights unknown to date. I enjoy watching the guys from the new school and I can recognize when one of them can tell a story with the new school style. I don’t think it has changed too much.”

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